Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Latest 3D Character

This is the latest 3D model I had been working on for my upcoming film due in January. I am going to rig him tonight and still have to work the other model, which is going to be quicker as he does not have armor or nearly as amount of detail I put into this character. His name is Lynch and the badass bad guy in my movie. I am going to make all the weapons the next few days to get a change of pace and go back to working on this the other character.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My 3D Animations So Far

If they do not load here is a link to my myspace with all of them: http://www.myspace.com/jdubbing .
Other wise they are in chronological order of creation. All these were done by me teaching myself how and reading tutorials on how to do similar things online. I will add my latest film I am working on and progression through the making. Probably will have my first finished 3D character up this weekend.
1. This was my first ever short film I made using the 3DS Max program. It was turned into the FIRST animation part of the robotics competition. I was still going through the tutorial book when I made this.

2.This is my second short 3D film, which was to be turned into the animation competition part of the FIRST robotic competition.

3.This was my first ever attempt at making a fully movable organic character. The animation part was kinda rushed as the deadline came faster than I expected so it did not turn out as well as I planned. But it was a big step for me and proud I did it. Doing it made it easier to make my Jewel Thief animation.

4.This is my third 3D animation I have ever made, but this was the first one that I ever used character models and had my fair share of rigging them, boy was that fun! Anyways this is a film I made in my ROP animation class at Sheldon High School, under K9 Studios.

5. This was a test 3D project I was doing to find out how I would go about cutting a body part of a 3D character to use in a film I am making this year, 2007, for K9 Studios. I took my old ninja model and first rigged model to find out how to get the effect. I was going to add in blood and other innards but decided just to get the arm being sliced off is all I needed to figure out.

6.This was just something I thought would be cool to do. Make a 3D lighter that emits water flame instead of fire. It cuts a little short of when it disappears which is the coolest part.